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Gigabyte Aorus 360 ARGB


  • New high performance pump efficiently dissipates heat from high end CPUs.
  • Unique 60*60mm circular full color LCD with dynamic AORUS logo display designs and custom a picture and text available.
  • High performance, low-noise level, dual ball bearing ARGB fans.
  • Supports RGB FUSION 2.0 synchronization with other AORUS devices.
  • Universal design for fan & pump RPM control, supports all MB brands.

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Radiator & Block Dimensions : 394 x 120 x 27mm

Pump Dimension : 80 x 80 x 60mm

Radiator Material : Aluminum

Block Material : Copper

Tube Length : 380mm

CPU Socket Intel 2066, 2011-3, 1366, 115x, 1200


LCD Display 60 x 60mm Full Color LCD
Fan Spec : 120 x 25mm ARGB Fan x 3

Speed : 2500 RPM +/-10%

Bearing Type : 2 Ball Bearing

Air Flow : 59.25 CFM

Air Pressure : 3.51 mmH2O

Life Expectancy : 70,000 Hours

Noise Level : 18~39.5 dBA

Software RGB FUSION 2.0 Support


* For the product to fully function, user must install and run both the AORUS ENGINE version 1.82 and RGB FUSION 2.0 version B20.0122.1 software.

Warranty 3 Years
Note 1. The TR4 mounting bracket is bundled with TR4 CPU Package, not in the AORUS package.

2. PSU must use a 5pin SATA power cable with 3.3V output to support LCD image display.

3. Custom image: Support BMP only, image width under 820 pixels. AORUS ENGINE will crop a 320×320 pixel image from the full image.

4. Custom text: Support English letters and numbers input only.

5. OS Windows 10 recommended.

6. AORUS LIQUID COOLER 360 compatible with all MB brands.




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