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Toshiba 1TB Internal (HDWL) Hard Drive

  • Up to 2TB
  • Up to 128 MB Cache
  • Toshiba Cache Technology
  • Ramp Loading Technology


Form Factor11 2.5-inch
Interface SATA
Up to 6 Gbit/s (2TB 9.5mm/ 1TB 7mm/ 500GB 7mm)
Capacity1 2TB, 1TB, 500GB
Recording Technology CMR (1TB 9.5mm, 500GB 9.5mm, 500GB 7mm)
Drive-Managed SMR (2TB 9.5mm, 1TB 7mm)
Rotational Speed 5400 RPM
Cache size 128 MB (2 TB 9.5mm/ 1TB 7mm)
8 MB (1TB 9.5mm/ 500GB 9.5mm / 500GB 7mm)
Limited Warranty9 Up to 3 years (2 years for HDWL110XZSTA / HDWL120XZSTA)


Toshiba’s L200 Laptop PC internal hard drive is designed for everyday laptop users and gamers, providing a convenient and reliable way to expand the storage capacity of your notebook computer or games system.

The L200 delivers large storage capacity up to 2TB1 in a compact 2.5-inch form factor, allowing you to hold more game data and files on the go.  It includes internal shock sensor and ramp-loading technology to help protect your drive and data from harm.

The L200 is designed for low power consumption*, to help optimize the device’s battery life.  Plus, the drive’s quiet operation* makes it an excellent storage solution for game system and mobile computing applications where capacity, power-profile, and reliability are critical.






‎SATA 6.0 Gb/s



Storage Type

Hard Drive


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